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How can I be sure people will see my web site?

Getting a new site noticed isn't easy because there are so many sites in the web competing for the same market share. Submitting your domain name to the major search engines will get your site into their database, but won't necessarily get your site seen. The site must appear within the first 20-30 sites when searched, or it will probably be overlooked. Internet content is constantly changing, too. New web sites appear and old ones become stagnate or disappear altogether. Promoting your web site and analyzing it's effectiveness must be done regularly in order to be beneficial.

We continually search the web to find other web sites, and groups that promote common interests and list your domain name with them too. This lets your potential audience view a smaller list of web sites and makes it easier for your web site to been found.

Knowing who visits your web site, and how they found it, also helps us promote your web site. This type of information is recorded each time someone views your site. We analyze this data and use the results to determine where and how to list your site to attract more people who are interested in what your site has to offer.

The job of site promotion is never done. There are always new places to list, or different ways to get noticed. So we keep promoting your site, so you keep enjoying the success of your site.

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How can I be sure people will see my web site?

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